Are you a Consultant, Manager, HR Professional or Change Agent? Do you seek to improve the effectiveness of an organisation? Are you passionate about leading change efforts? Do you seek superior skills to give you that edge? Do you want to hone or further develop consulting skills? Have you ever wanted Organisation Development demystified? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then join us to develop the expertise required to become outstanding professionals leading organisational change.

This programme demystifies Organisation Development (OD) by providing a practical step-by-step process required to successfully implement organisational change. Participants are introduced to the core theories and process of Organisation Development, whilst exploring a range of possible diagnostic tools, techniques and interventions. Participants will gain valuable consulting skills required to help their organisations implement change.

This two-day course offers participants, exercises, case studies and fun interactive activities to facilitate learning.

Topics Covered

· Organisation Development: An Overview

· Theories and Models of Organisation Development

· The Organisation Development Process

· Organisation Development Tools and Techniques

· Organisation Development Interventions

· Change and Stakeholder Management

· Measuring Organisation Development Effectiveness

· The Organisation Development Practitioner

· Organisation Development in Practice

Who should attend:

· Consultants

· OD Specialists

· Managers

· Change Agents

· HR Professionals

· Anyone Interested in Organisation Development