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Are you stressed? Oh no!

3 days ago, I was very tired. I had worked late into the night and I was looking forward to a hot bath and a good night’s rest. I was dreaming of scented candles though I knew there wouldn’t be any.

I had just stepped into my room when I remembered that I had to return the numerous phone calls I had missed during my very hectic day. Top on the list was Kemi, my childhood friend. She answered on the second ring and I could tell from her voice that all wasn’t well. Probing further, she confessed to being exhausted and felt drained. It was one of those days; her 9 month old baby was teething, the nanny never came back after the Christmas break, her nosy and fault-finding mother-in-law had just come visiting and she had just started a new job. My normally vivacious friend had no time for small talk as she whined and sounded like she’d been hit by a truck. As I uttered the words ‘take am easy’ for the umpteenth time, I realized that so many of us are under some kind of pressure. With deadlines, tight schedules, overbearing bosses and increasing workloads, its no surprise that so many of us feel drained, exhausted and less than thrilled to get out of bed in the morning.

There are so many different definitions of stress but we can simplify it to mean ‘physical, mental or emotional strain or tension’. Stress is the body’s reaction to harmful situations — whether they’re real or perceived. With 1 in 4 people saying that their job or work is the primary stressor in their lives, no where is stress more likely than in the workplace.

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