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3 stress free must-haves for the office

Speaking about stress, how many times have you opened your wardrobe, picked out a familiar piece, and asked yourself, “How else can I wear this thing?” In this issue, we give you our three must-haves for working women and some ideas for mixing them.

Little black dress (LBD)

Ah, the little black dress. It can go from day (wear it to the office with a cardigan or blazer and a set of pearls and leather shoess) to night (take off the blazer or cardigan and add some makeup, jewelry, and heels). Choose a LBD in the style that suits you, makes you feel comfortable, and looks most like you. It can be sleeveless, have cap sleeves, or have 3/4-length sleeves. It can have a V-neck, boat neck, crew neck, or square neck. It can be knee-length, a little longer, a little shorter, or mini-skirt length.

Black blazer

The black blazer is key in your wardrobe. Because it’s black, it goes with virtually everything. You can change the look just by changing the accessories. If you want to appear taller or longer, choose a blazer that’s longer. If you want to accentuate your beautiful waistline, make sure it’s fitted in the waist area. Also make sure it’s current. Avoid one that looks like something from the 80s — oversized with enormous shoulder pads.You can wear a single-breasted blazer comfortably and fashionably either open or closed, and you have the option of wearing it over dresses or skirts, as well as pants.

Tailored Black Trousers

By “tailored” we mean that these trousers that fit. Focus on the fit in two areas: (1) waist and hips (2) length. Your black pants should sit at your waist without squeezing your mid-section or gaping in the back. We recommend taking your basic black heels or flats with you when you shop so you can either buy pants that are the right length or take them to a tailor for a quick hem adjustment. A pair of high-quality, flat front, black trousers are a necessity in every wardrobe. Stay away from pleats because they only accentuate an area that no one really needs accentuating! If you can buy only one pair of trousers, select a length that matches the heel height you most commonly wear.

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