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10 pointers to relieving stress

There are a number of simple techniques that make managing job stress easy. I told Kemi that while there is no band-aid approach to tackling job stress, some simple steps can go a long way towards de-stressing your life

1. Start your day off right with meditation and an inventory of things to do. I keep a to-do list, you should try it too.
2. Identify and manage your stressors. Stressors are those events or situations that put you under pressure.
3. Stay away from conflicts and intense debates. Sometimes I find that intense discussions just give me a headache.
4. Make a priority list of things to do and set realistic goals.
5. Stay organized and keep your desk clear. One thing i have learned is the more disorganised you are the more stressed you will end up.
6. Think positive thoughts and maintain an upbeat attitude. It works for me.
7. Take some time off. Take a vacation or a weekend off.
8. Have an outlet. Engage in social activities. All work and no play definitely makes Jack and Jill a stressed bunch.
9. Take care of yourself. Get regular exercise, plenty of sleep and eat a healthy diet. Not so easy in this part of the globe with our carbohydrate drowning diets but we need to try.
10. And my favorite, KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister (and Brothers too!)

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